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    WTB GP1200R PV cylinder/matching piston

    Hello all!

    I'm looking for a good 1200r PowerValve cylinder with matching piston. If you have one to sell, please PM me a price.

    Also, what are the thoughts on using a resleeved cylinder with 2 stock nikasil cylinders? Are there any issues with doing that?


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    Deck height can be an issue. I've used many an sbt cylinder, but there height can vary. This is only important if you using a 1 piece head. Otherwise you could have a water leak. As fare as mis matching. Port alignment with the sbt sleeve is usually pretty bad. Either expect to have a reduction in performace and increased heat build up in the sleeved cylinder compaired to the oem nik cylinders. In a stock sure, but don't do it if the motor is going to be hopped up any! I may have a b quality oem cylinder "light scuffs but plating intacked" I'll have to double check. No used pistons. Usually, the top outer edge of the piston dome rolls up so I toss those beotch's.

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    That's a good point! I didn't even think about different (i.e. sloppy) timing ports or deck height. I was just thinking of heat transfer issues. Thanks for the advice!

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    i have a servo..

    and i have a cylinder/piston match

    pm me

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