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    Spark Plug Question

    ok i have been running the factory rated plugs in my 97 gp1200 i am just curious with aftermarket head at 140psi should i run a colder plug???? and can some one give me a good range on what to gap the plugs at ???


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    I have been running the stock BR8HS plugs for over 200 hrs on my Group K motor, compression is 145. I gap mine at .026.

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    You should also check to see if your new head uses the short BR8HS plugs or the long thread BR8ES plugs (or whatever temp plugs you run, 8 used as an example) if you haven't already, many aftermarket heads use the longer threads. To save you some trouble later, when you buy plugs look for solid top plugs and not the screw on style that most powersports places sell.

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    I would love to find some solid top BR8ES plugs. I hate those damned screw on tops...

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    184 too. You can get some that have the solid tip....I just can't remember the number for them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mpeavler View Post too. You can get some that have the solid tip....I just can't remember the number for them.

    When I go to the powersports stores most of the guys behind the counter don't offer the solid tops, dont know they carry them or are to lazy to look it up but I have found 50% of the places I have purchased from actually did have them and when I asked for BR8ESS plugs they search a little and usually have them. The screws suck.

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