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    a couple 98 and 99 GP760 questions

    I purchased both of these used last year. The starter began to have intermitent problems with not engaging. At the end of the summer I pulled the starter it was fine so I pulled the flywheel cover and it appears there are some teeth worn in one area causing the problem with not engaging. Need to locate a used flywheel, so my first question is what is the engine in this ski and are there other models I can use a flywheel from.

    Next question where would be the best place to get a primer kit and remove the choke plate?

    These skis seem to bounce quite a bit, have read some about this on the forum. Some suggest installing a 1200 ride plate, the 98 ski appears to already have the 1200 ride plate as it is about 4 to 6 inches longer than the plate on the 99. However, the 98 porpoises is the worse riding of the 2. I have shimed the plates with out much luck. I have read about trim tabs, do these help and where do the get installed.

    Last question, probbaly need to rebuild the cars, can someone tell me what carburator is on these engines so that I get the right parts,

    Thanks for any help

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    u need a 760 flywheel more than likely but that should be easy as they are all the same second a longer ride plate will calm porpoising (spl?)
    the 760 use sbn 44's same kit as the sbn 38's maybe think about going premix while doing the primer install ?? ps use only real mikuni kit's IMHO

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    Sounds like you are in for some fun!!!!

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    Thanks for the replies. Any suugestions on locating a used flywheel. I have searched the classifieds here and Ebay but have had no luck finding one for a 760. Models that fit other engines seem to be abundant. I really dont want to spend the big bucks for a new one as I did not pay that much for ski.

    Will definately consider the suggestion to go premix. Other than removing the oil pump and installing a block off plate is there anything else involved in converting over?

    thanks again.

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    Nope. just make sure you run premix before you take the oil system off. That way, you are sure the gasoline/oil mix has reached the carburetors. Once you know that has happened, then you can remove the oil pump system. You also have to tie the oil tank sending unit floats up.

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