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    Sep 2010
    Central MS
    Central MS. I can help you out with most anything if you are in the area. I don't mind traveling to help a fellow GH'er. I can do most anything on watercraft. I don't charge for minor things such as oil changes, plugs etc. I would be happy to teach you how to maintain your craft and help you learn to wrench. I can install and tune for all performance parts etc. Let me know if can be of assistance. PM me and I will get back with you ASAP.

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    HORSEPOWER JUNKIE 9secZO6's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
    Belle Chasse, La.
    I just noticed the sticky......4-tec stuff only, but I am more than capable of anything short of machine work. I do have a couple good machinist here, but they are proud of their work and prices they charge reflects that. Like the machinists, if I have to turn the wrenches it will cost. The pros with me are: no BS charges/add ons, I encourage your wrenching/participation (best way to learn), and fastest possible turnaround time (24hrs or less).

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    Oct 2011
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    Bradford Marine - Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
    * High quality custom paint jobs and gel-coat *
    * Fiberglass repairs / modifications *
    Jack - 561-707-3017
    [email protected]

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    Dec 2005
    Mt. Juliet, Tn
    Machinist of 25+ years by day with a CNC Mill in my garage. I have made a few thousand of the 4-tec washers a few years back and have many parts in skis all over america.
    5 Minutes East of Nashville, TN
    I answer to Tennessee or Rodney
    1.8L Yamaha, 4-tecs, GPR-Machine parts or maintenance from oil changes to rebuilds I will try to help.
    PM me here and I will get back to ya asap.

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    Sep 2008
    Gig Habor, Washington
    Western Washington State
    Sea Doo's: Glad to help you install some bolt ons ie, SC/Exhaust as well as oil changes and impellers stuff like that. Glad to help you figure out the problem.

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    Aug 2010
    Orlando FL

    2 Stroke rebuilding
    Carb tuning/rebuilding

    4-tec rebuilds
    Impeller work
    S/C upgrades
    Pretty much anything.

    Call Or text me

    Michael Adkins
    Orlando FL

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    Mar 2010
    On the water near Belhaven,NC
    On the water near Belhaven with a pier lift for testing if needed.2 car garage with heat and refreshments.Not a techie, but have some experience with 2 stroke Yamaha.I can stand,look,scratch my head with the best of them.

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    Is there anyone located in Massachusetts area

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    Mar 2006
    Looking for someone in Kansas area that can help with a little work on a FX svho. Dont have full use of one arm hard to reach some spots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctriverguy View Post
    Bob Sexton
    Marblehead MA (20 minutes north of Boston)
    [email protected]

    Seadoo 4-tec platform rxpx and rxt
    maintenance and mods associated with:
    stage 1
    stage 2
    stage 3
    garrett turbo

    Specialty Tools:
    Valve train and Lm-2 for AFR

    Better in some areas than in others, but willing to help
    you got mail

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