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    Looking at 98 SLXH, advise?

    Looking at maybe buying a 98 Polaris SLXH with trailer for $1950, is this a decent deal? Anything to be aware of or look for on this ski? I'm mainly looking for something to play around on on our lake, usually just 1 rider, ocassionally 1 passenger (typicaly child/teen). Mainly just jumping wakes, playing, etc.

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    There's a recent thread around here discussing the same. 120 hp in a 2 seater makes for a really fun ski.

    kbb retail -

    kbb trade in -

    I think if its in good shape it would fall between the quotes above from a private party.

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    One thing about the Polaris PWC, is that you will find lots of support and help in these forums.

    Click here for Polaris Service Manuals, Owner's Manuals, and lots of other info.

    The Polaris domestic 2-stroke engine is reliable, powerful, and relatively inexpensive to repair, when the time comes.

    Fuel consumption is reasonable, for a PWC. 89 octane is the recommendation.

    The SLXH (SLX in later years) was the high performance model in the lineup, other than the race oriented Pro model. Extended jet pump and ride plate and other upgrades were standard on the X versions.

    With any used PWC, the actual condition of the specific machine you are looking it is the important factor in terms of a good deal.

    Click here for a useful guide to purchasing a used 2-stroke PWC.

    Many PWC look good on the outside, and even have a clean engine area. Those are good things, of course, but you need to be able to evaluate the actual condition of the mechanical components, especially the engine. Or have someone who can.

    Make sure the MFD digital display is working 100%. These sometimes have faded digits. They can be opened up and repaired, but can cost $200 or more to buy a used replacement.

    When test riding, look for a smooth idle, solid power from launch, and at WOT full speed the RPM should be close to spec. Engine RPM, not speed across the water, is how engine power is confirmed.

    On the 1998 SLXH, I would think WOT RPM should be around 6500RPM. The electronic rev limiter in the CDI is set for 6800RPM.

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