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    No Spark

    My 2000GTX starter froze up solid due to corrosion and was replaced.
    Now I have no spark and no solenoid action. Before I removed the starter, it was clicking but unable to turn the starter.No other wiring was disconnected.
    The fuse is OK and I get the 2 beeps from the lanyard.but no response from the START buttonIf I jump the terminals the engine cranks, but no visible spark.
    I guess I should test the magneto output, but don't have the resistance readings.
    Any other possible causes?

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    Check your grounds. Just because you didn't remove them doesn't mean they aren't coroded, or broken, while you were down there.

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    The main ground is on a lug on the bottom of the cases right under the starter.

    The other grounds are small wires on an ear off the side of the mag cover right in front of the starter/carbs.

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    no Spark

    Thanks guys
    Turned out, the switch was bad-when the start switch was pushed without the lanyard, no gauges, so luckily I had another from way back and.........

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