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    97 GTS - is my starter bad? - takes a few tries

    I have a 97 GTS, 720 motor from SBT installed less than 2 years ago is running great, pump rebuilt last year, it is running and riding like a dream, but I am having some intermittent issues with starting. I have a new AGM sealed battery which I keep on a battery tender charger while stored in my garage. When I take it to the ramp it starts up right away the first few times. As the day goes on, when I stop the engine it gets harder to get it started back up. When I press the start button I hear a click or nothing for a few times, then it cranks up after a few tries. It seems that possibly the battery is not getting charged effectively by the running of the engine, or I think the starter may need to be replaced. The starter is just about the only original part left on the ski, should I just replace it, or is the problem somewhere else? Maybe there is a short or bad connection developing somewhere as the engine bay gets wet? I'm leaning toward just replacing the starter, but looking for some input on the situation. Thanks.

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    I am not a SeaDoo guy, but my guess is that engine heat and vibration are causing the problem as you run the ski.

    It may be the starter motor itself, the starter solenoid, or a poor connection in one of the heavy cables.

    You might want to check for corrosion or looseness and clean/tighten the heavy battery cables, both ends of each, and the cable to the starter.

    You do need to find and fix the problem, because at any time the starter could fail completely, leaving you stranded.

    You can confirm the battery is being charged by what voltage you measure at the battery posts using a multi-meter. 14.x volts with the engine running means the battery is charging.

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    Maybe I'll just remove the starter and clean up all the wire connections. I'm afraid of removing it and then maybe it won't work at all when I put it back in, or I could strip a bolt or something which has happened before. It's also kind of a pain because it's mounted under the engine. Also good note about checking the operating voltage. I will do next time I actually put it in the water and run for a while.

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    If you always hear a click when you hit the start button it could be a bad starter solenoid. Follow the red battery cable into the electrical box. The solenoids are relatively cheap and are known to fail. Checking both ground and positive cable connections is also a good idea. It could also be an intermittent start switch, easy to check with a multimeter.

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