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Thread: good find?

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    good find?

    i dont know much about these stand-up rides but I'm thinking about picking this up...any opinions?

    1987 JS 300 no trailer
    Guys says it runs like a 'top' .... it would turn over but not pop off, do i need it hooked up to water? he said I do, I'd like to see it run before i buy it. very clean machine.


    good find or not?
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    you shouldnt need to hook it up to water to start it. standups can run for about twenty seconds out of the water without any problem. the only drawback to the ski your looking at is power. 300's are really under powered. if you want to stay in the same price range id keep a lookout for a 440 or 550. they are much better skis.

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    sit down also run will run without water, so i thought it was wierd that it didn't start. I never really pulled the choke and tried to start it... just took his word for the fact that it didn't run without water. any other opinions? can I find a bigger one this cheap?? i really don't want to spend over 400.


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    you should be able to get a decent 550 or 650 for $400

    I got mine for $150 with a rock stuck in the impeller

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    i know im going to stirrup alot of controvercy about this but you can run a two banger for soo long..... especailly a 440.... theres no need for water except if that motor is getting freakishly hot very7 fast... for 400 i can find 2 skis 550 cc 550sx from kawi to be exact and thats asking price... not obo price... haha infact im going trhough that deal now... in my opinion i would look elsewhere... post an add in craigslist for wanted jetski $400 must be running etc. people will respond trust me on that one... the guy who im talking to has one fully modded and one stock... no trailer... pinks on both... 400 obo pick em and leave haha...

    the modded one has a coffy pipe new 15" quicksteer bars, aftermarket: prop, impeller, pump, bilgepump, SPONSONS!,head, carb,manifolds, and a supertrap waterbox.... on a 550... *im dropping in my 650 though * and working out the parts so that they fit..... nOw.... what sounds better to you...

    my deal... or yours???? i beleive that you can do much better for that price...... even if it needs some new grips,paint, and mats.

    goodluck in the hunt!

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    if it runs like a "top" than it should start up water or not. i dont think water has anything to do with the reliability of starting. only with cooling. i see those stand ups go on craigslist for under 400 all the time. even some with more power. if it started i would say its a decent deal. otherwise just wait until another comes around. looks clean though.

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    I personally wouldnt buy a 300. I owned one back in 1986 (my first ski). They are a piece and have absolutley no power. I believe they have 30 hp. Keep looking - find you a good 550 or 650, believe me you will be much happier. good luck.

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