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    PWC Opening Day – March 28, 2009

    SUBJECT: PWC Opening Day – March 28, 2009

    For “real” boaters the month of April (any weekend) is usually reserved as the traditional beginning of the boating season; and today it looked like many yacht clubs in the area were hosting their opening day boat parades. So with that in mind I am proclaiming the last weekend in the month of March as our official PWC Opening Day - worldwide. There is simply no excuse for keeping your PWC winterized past April 15th.

    So, you want to know what happens during opening day. Well, if you are one of those “real” boaters then you get a chance to pull out and wear your white pants and blue blazer top and peacock your way around your yacht club with a drink in hand. You get to eat, drink, and talk boating while the fleet sits decorated with all kinds of colored flags.

    These colorful flags you see have a purpose to anyone Navy related. The Navy flags are actually a type of phonetic alphabet used to identify letters. For example the word Navy would be “November Alpha Victor Yankee’ when spelled out by the flagman using the Alphabetical Flag Code. The “T” in Trawlercat is the flag with one red white and blue diagonal stripe. So, now that you know a little nautical opening day lore I’ll share with you what happens next. Once everyone has had their fair share of food and drinks, a Yacht Club Commodore speaks a few words, people applaud, the season is officially welcomed in; then everyone piles onto any boat they are capable of piling onto and a boat parade ensues.

    Somehow I just don’t see any of us doing any of the above anytime soon. Perhaps our Dana Point PWC Spring to Avalon will suffice. So, now that you know today is officially PWC Opening Day and you were supposed to be out like the rest of us – start thinking riding!

    John and I launched at Cabrillo (LA County) at 0800 today and before you could say Kawasaki in Japanese we were far offshore on smooth flat seas bee lining it to Dana Point to meet up with the rest of our friends. The ride down was pretty uneventful as no migrating whales were spotted. Upon arriving at Dana Point we spotted (Shawn, Mike, Mark, Pirate, Ou812 Jim, Throttlemire).
    The pack split up and three Ultras and two Seadoos headed towards Avalon while the rest of our small fleet headed towards Oceanside. Before long we were three Ultras side by side – an 07, 08, and 09 model.

    The words to an old Steelers Wheel group song quickly came to me; Yes I'm stuck in the middle with you, And I'm wondering what it is I should do,
    It's so hard to keep this smile from my face,
    Losing control, yeah, I'm all over the place,
    Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right,

    Here I am, stuck in the middle . . . . . That’s it – couldn’t remember the words before or after but it kept going and in the groove. John and I showed off our “A” game all the way to Avalon. It was a great ride.

    Dana Point Sprint Training Ride – Ride from Cabrillo to Dana Point - $48.50.
    Meeting your “OPENING DAY” PWC friends and riding to Avalon – another $48.00

    Lunch and “club type” drinks at the “Busy Bee” with a great friend who picks up the check – Priceless.

    For those not from a warm weather place (80 degrees today) or those that missed all the migrating whales today – happy PWC Opening Day.

    See you at Dana Point – tomorrow!


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    Nice write up ralph...

    My RXP was acting gay again, 2 ways gay.. LOL. I had a bad vibration I told you about, well it ended up being the PTO boot/bearing setup. The clamp came off the boot & that let the bearing dance all over the drive shaft end & letting the drive shaft move in & out more than it should. I still clicked off a speed ov over 75mph on the fuel beeper coming back. My exhaust temp issue has to be my 38# injectors. I need 42#!! I can run WOT for several minutes then have to cruise for 30 sec to a minute & then go at it again.. It was horrible but I wasn't going to turn around like last time! I though "EFF IT" if it dies, it dies......

    Did you get your deal done at DP?

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    Good opening day

    It was good to meet you today at Dana Point. Hey everyone what Ralph did not tell you was it was a little warm in DP at the re fuel station so he made some short sleeve adjustments to his wet suite Letting those guns hang out. Heading back to Oceanside the view was just un real whales all over the place. Even though I ran hard today, I had to stop a few times just to stop and take in the beauty of those under water giants and take a moment to thank them for letting us share there liquid world with them. For those of you who are far from the ocean seeing the whales up close wild and free is more than this old Marine can put to words. I can't wait for next Sunday's sprint. This is going to be a fun balls out event.


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