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    My seized motor results:

    The thread that was originally started last year about my problems is copied below.

    Well i finally got around to having the motor opened. Turns out I lost the connecting rod to the middle cylinder and it blew a hole through the side of the block.
    it wasnt the SC washers that broke and its not a modified motor. The motor was stock with 80hrs on it when this happened. It's an '05 RXP.
    The day this happened, i was making multiple WOT passes (10min sessions) in cool weather and cool water.
    I guess I just got lucky and was dealt a weak connecting rod from the manufacturer. The rod broke low at the crank and the valves hit the piston, so the head has damage there too.

    So great, now its not even worth a core exchange

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    bummer Bro..........that pick of lake Mead in your sig looks awesome though!

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