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    Dana Point to Avalon Training Ride - 03/29/09

    SUBJECT: Trawlercat Chronicles – 03/29/09

    Dana Point to Avalon Training Ride: Eight boats departed Dana Point this morning for one last attempt at Avalon for next weekend’s Dana Point to Avalon Sprint. If you missed it - visit for more info. At first I thought we looked and resembled like a pod of dolphins running into the mixed swells towards our Avalon chosen destination. And then it occurred to me that maybe we more resembled a pack of gazelles. For you see, they say that every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up and knows that it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will likely become food. And just like clockwork every morning a lion wakes up and it knows that it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it would eventually become too weak to hunt and starve to death.

    I don’t know who the lions or the gazelles were this morning but it sure felt good when seventeen miles out Santiago was the first to cry uncle. Just a little wrenched back probably from one of those waves we all encountered this morning; every so often just for the fun of it one wave turns out higher than the set with a high lip and just when you aren’t expecting it – bam – you are now airborne longer than before. With the Seadoo airborne it probably didn’t help much that he was resting on that seat when he landed.

    And that’s when we all turned out to be gazelles. I’ll admit it; I was the first one to volunteer to escort him back – but then a strange thing happened. The pack, pod or whatever you choose to call this group just wanted to stay together. Anything to stop this abuse to ski and body! John, Mark and I had nothing to prove today for we already did this run the day before.

    Will the fastest boats win the race? Only if you can predict what the seas will be doing come race day. One thing for sure is to watch the techniques of your fellow riders running in full motion, airborne with skis sometimes airborne for long distances. This is akin to poetry in motion. We may not be as strong or brilliant in our techniques but one area we can work on is our technique. Technique, stamina and certainly a fast running ski is certainly acquirable.

    If the seas are anything like they were today then try not to get caught in the middle of two skis while you fast approach their converging swell. Another thing to do is not to find a comfort angle to hit those seas and keep going without keeping an eye on the pack. Sometimes the pack is going in the right direction. Our little ride went something like this. Staying hooked up and on the water; then making physical contact with a launching wave, getting launched, air time, (nice, awkward or slapping hard landing) then a bucketful of water in the face, then do it all over again. Worse part is trying to anticipate that landing when you are briefly blinded by the water in the face. I did that once and when I still had air time my consciousness was so surprised that when I finally landed it almost hurt.

    Our one gazelle that we thought was the weakest was now leading the pack on the trip home. The seas were now looking good with the silver speaks all over the ocean where the overcast sun shone. We could now see while riding fast with maybe a little water in the face, on some occasions. If you are racing next weekend - Navigation will certainly help. Making sure you have the right water goggles will definitely help and most of all it doesn't matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle - when Ross Wallach on the start boat waves that green flag; start rolling and go when that green flag drops.

    For you see when the sun finally comes up, when all else fails, go like hell for there is surely safety in numbers.

    See you on the water!


    P.S. Remember - we don’t want any false starts – do you best to stay in your lane as this is simply a straight line course for 37 miles.

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    As always ralph, excellent story!

    I ran the lake scene today. I fixed the gayness that my ski was showing the day before & the lake was the only way to feel, listen & see what was going on under the seat. Success! The drive shaft slop that was happening in the ocean was causing cavitation & banging the rev limiter way too often & this I believe was the cause of my exhaust temp issue. I ran the piss out of it today in smooth & 2-3 ft windy chop without an issue.

    Here's a clip of my rear view cam, I had the mic inside my engine compartment specifically for the motor so I can hear whats going on....It told me what I needed to know. The 1st 15 seconds or so we are getting clear of the breakers & traffic & then you can tell when we bust lose! Listen carefully to my motor...What do you hear?
    This is a 3rd generation conversion clip so the quality is almost as good as the original.

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