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    96 XP Never ending drama's

    G'day all I'm at my wits end..... Bought a 96 XP in October last year with an apparent rebuild including carbys. I ran perfectly untill christmas when I was out riding and all of a sudden it lost all power, I managed to get in to shore and its been like this for 3 months.

    On the trailer it idles and revs freely to redline, Put it in the water and it idles but wont rev over about 3 grand.

    Plugs and battery are brand new, Carbys have since been rebuilt 3 times by two different PWC mechanics, the power valves were rebushed at the same time (to fix an oil leak - not linked to running rough issue I think)

    I've checked compression and thats all ok too. 150psi. I also replaced the carbon ring on the driveshaft due to a water leak. One of the PWC mech's test rode it and thought it may be cavatating so he replaced the wear ring on the jet pump, made no difference.

    Next we checked the rotary valve plate and that is ok too. We also checked the ignition timing and thats ok too. So bascially we have checked / fixed

    Rotary Plate timing
    Ignition timing
    RAVE housings

    And nothing has really made a difference except now it still wont rev in the water but if the ski gets air over a wave, the revs will scream untill you hit the water again, and if you do this enough the ski will speed up.

    I'm pulling my hair out here!!

    Any help muchly appreciated.

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    rectifier most likely-- known 785 problem-- search this sight for the test.

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    After some research, sounds like it might be the rectifier, but I cant find any test info apart from dis-connecting it. My Rectifier has 1 red and 3 yellow wires, Do I disconnect all of them or just 1?


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    The test I've seen people do is to disconnect it and to see how it runs for a few minutes. You don't want the battery dying while you're on the water... Ron

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhgill View Post
    After some research, sounds like it might be the rectifier, but I cant find any test info apart from dis-connecting it. My Rectifier has 1 red and 3 yellow wires, Do I disconnect all of them or just 1?

    Just disc. the RED wire to the Rectifier Module inside the Grey Box. Ride it and see if your problem goes away. If is does, you found your problem. Reconnect to verify the problem comes back.
    Dont ride for more than 15~20 minutes since you are not charging the battery while the red wire is disconnected.


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    Well, I tried that. made no difference. I rode it with the seat off for a while too and when you nail it, it gets to about 4000rpm and just hunts/surges between 4000/4500/4000/4500 Wont go any higher till the jet gets out of the water.

    What else could It be?

    Perhaps it IS leaking water into the cylinders, Is it a big job to remove the cylinder head? Will I need new gaskets? How will I tell if its leaking?

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    Check all of your fuel lines for splitting. I have seen it many times and it acts just like you say. What color are they? If they are the clear style aftermarket ones I would be willing to bet it is your problem.

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    have you changed the fuel lines and selector switch?

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    I would check to make sure all the fuel lines are going to the correct places. I had a similar problem with a GTX with the same engine. The hoses weren't connected to the right outlets at the fuel baffle. On the GTX, they are marked for what they are, you have to use a mirror. I am not sure if the XP is the same.

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    Check your mixtures. Could be a too rich or too lean problem. Carb float tabs got bent or something.

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