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    A-kit X impeller in Xcharger on RXT?

    I am looking at putting an X charger with an A kit X impeller into my RXT whilst retaining the stock intercooler. As for fuelling requirements, will I need to go to 42lb injectors as well as a RRFPR or will stock injectors suffice? The wheel produces 12lb of boost. Also want to keep stock ecu.



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    fuel regulator

    Hi my friend , is possible you additional on your watercraft fuel regulator pressure. ciao my name is Valerio and live in Ssd ITALY.

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    Cool a-kit

    hey i used the a-kit befor very good exell ,8100 we see 0.78bar and at 8500rpm we see 0.87bar good charger and clutche last forever on them as there very very light...we have run 76mp only a kit and 3in intake ,ecu reflash rest of the boat is stock

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    You should really consider putting an XS Intercooler in there with that charger. Good improvement in performance plus it opens up the intake when you remove the old intercooler. It's well worth the money and effort.

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    Cool cooler

    +1 on the cooler

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