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Thread: F12X help!!!

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    F12X help!!!

    Hey guys,

    i bought a f12x about a month ago and my rpms will not go pass 5400rpm
    i had to replace the shaft bearing assembly and when i removed the pump i noticed that it had a Solas prop not the stock! now the ski is bone stock with no mods!!. can this aftermarket prop maybe lowering the RPMs since it was not inteded to use without any mods!...and if so can anyone tell me what the stock pitch is to have it repitch!


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    Putting a Solas prop should enhance performance not degrade it. I think the turbo solas is supposed to be 17/28. Not sure the stock. A lot of people been posting about stuck waste gates, I bet thats what you have

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    Put a boost gauge on it, and see if you get around 12-13 PSI.

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    How difficult/ costly is it to install the guage? I just bought a 2006 F12x.


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