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    charging battery on rxp

    do you have to disconnect it from ski before hooking it up to charger thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soldierpage View Post
    do you have to disconnect it from ski before hooking it up to charger thanks.
    Yes, you should Disconnect the cables...

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    Some do, some don't. Some remove the battery from the ski to eliminate flamable gases that wetcell batteries produce. I have run a gelcell for the last 3 years and have never needed to charge it. Always use a low amp charger (1-2 amps max) and never jump the battery from a running vehicle. It's OK to jump from a car/truck as long as the motor is off... Ron

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    I keep it in the ski, on a trickle charge, with the hood up so any gases could escape. Never had a problem. I think they tell you not to do this because if you jump it from a running car, you could cause some damage. But assuming your talking about a trickle charger, you're good to go.

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    yea i was just wondering about putting a battery maintainer on it

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    i have been using a float charger for over 2 years on the stock battery.. still ok....

    not disconnected.. i have hard wired it in with a inline fuse so i just plug it into the ski

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    Wow. (@ King of Fun) "never needed 2 charge it??" sounds like it charging while u run it, like an alternator does a car battery. I thought this wasn't the case with pwc batteries?

    I'm paranoid (after battery dying on me in the water 1 day) and I charge overnight the day before I ride. Is this bad? overcharging perhaps? I just don't wanna be on the water, shut the engine off to take a dive or fish, get back on and the thing be dead again.

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    I also use a Baterry care with low amp charger (1-2 amps max), mine have a Maintenance mode so I could leave it on, I do not disconnect it, and always put it on the day before riding to make sure is juice up. No problems so far. I usually exchange the tender with my car, to keep them charge.

    Some tenders now, have fault check, Charging mode and Maintenance. Found mine in KMrt for $20 on sale. They also have the Expensive one now for $46 and $70...

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