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    Problems after prolonged acceleration


    I've got a 96 GTi and it runs pretty well but when I hold the throttle wide open for a lengthy period of time it starts bogging and acting funny. I've always let off at this point and slowed down and not had any problems. But I was just wondering if anyone had any idea what this could be from? Thanks for any help you can give!


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    I would guess clogged carb filters, or some fuel related problem. I would rebuild the carbs, and clean entire fuel system. If grey fuel lines are still on, change them at the same time.

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    +1 pull'em and clean'em I'm guessing the have never been cleaned before? if not I;d rebuild them while i was at it.

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    I'm guessing you have a cracked and split fuel line somewhere allowing it to suck air.

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    define "lengthly period of time"??

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