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    Newbie PS3 question about online play

    Ok.. my buddy and I are trying to figure out how to go online so we can play each other in sports games and etc... but were having some probs.

    Is there a way we can add each other to a buddy list so we can see when the other person is online and then invite him to play?

    It doesnt seem to cover online play very well in the PS3 instruction manual. I know its a Newbie question.. im sorry.. but since Im not a huge gamer I figured I post up and see if anyone can simplify it for me. If not, Ill ask my kids tmr.. they obviously will know...

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    You bought the wrong game system for online play, xbox 360 is the only way to go IMO.

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    No, I own both. In fact, I own all three systems- 360, Wii, PS3.

    The PS3 is the only one that has free online play....

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    Add his gamer tag as a friend in the XMB. That way whenever he is signed in to the Playsation Network you can see what game he is playing and send him messages.

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