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    Exclamation 2004 aquatrax f-12x "knock Sensor"

    I recently took my Honda Aquatrax to my local dealer and dropped it off in the service center. So they run a diagnostic on it and they say itís the knock sensor. So they give me an estimate and itís like 400.00 to replace it. So I told them that I would do it myself. but The service department manager tell me that even if I replace the part the jet ski will still not function correctly because they have to reset it or something does anyone know how I can reset it myself

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    that sounds like bs to me replace it and see.

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    you can reset the diagnostics yourself nitrosharkhas posted in the general thread about how to pull codes and reset the diagnostics not hard

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    hey can you please tell me were and what the knock sensor is because i just got the f1 and i pulled the code n it said it was knock sensor please help

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    Definitely do it yourself. Just pull the left side panel, remove the sub-air box and you'll see it in the block. Real easy and may take 30 minutes if you go slow.

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    I don't understand why they'd give you a $400 quote.
    It's not more than one hour labor - I can get it in and out in about 30-40 minutes (easily). It's a $100 part.
    Warning - they don't KNOW that the KS will fix it, it could also be a wiring harness issue (not very likely) or the ECM (much more likely).
    I've got a new KS if you want it.. I have an ECM problem. (ref to self, PN: 38770-HW1-673)

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