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    GTX 155 NA Impeller Question

    How do you guys think a 12/20 Solas would do on a GTX 4Tec 155 NA with an aftermarket intake and grate?

    I know the 11/19 is what Solas recommends, but I was able to aquire one for a great deal. Can anyone advise?

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    its gonna be too much. 12/20 is too much for a stock GTXSC.
    it dropped my rpm to around 7100-7200 in the summer heat, thhats on a stock GTXSC.
    So on a 155 its gonna be worse i think.
    you could try it, get baseline rpms, and then get it repitched to hit 7600 again.
    or resell it for profit and keep lookin for a 11/19

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