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    Sea Doo Braking system

    Brakes on a Boat Take a Jet Ski to Jet Stop

    By Keith Barry March 27, 2009 | 4:11:00 PMCategories: Boats

    What to do you do when you want your Sea-Doo to Sea-Don't? If you're on the new ultra-high end GTX Limited iS 255, you just hit the brakes.
    The latest personal watercraft from Bombardier Recreational Products has a new feature called Intelligent Brake and Reverse (IBR). If the watercraft is going forward, a squeeze of the brake lever reverses the motor and slows it down. Once it stops, another squeeze puts it in reverse. According to Bombardier, it "offers whole new level of safety and control." We think it's perfect for dodging manatee on the Intracoastal Waterway.
    But how do you let other riders know that you're going to suddenly stop? One new technology begs another, and there's now a market for jet ski brake lights.

    It turns out that rear-end jet ski collisions are already a problem in crowded waterways, when riders are in tight groups and personal watercraft get a little too up-close and personal. Luckily, PWC Industries created a waterproof warning light that illuminates when its microprocessor senses the G force of deceleration -- perfect for installation on a boat with brakes. "This product takes a major step at helping to avoid vessel collisions on our waterways," company chairman Allan Becker said in a statement.
    While we think brake lights for boats are cool beyond belief, that's probably because we're a bunch of landlubbers. Comments from the folks on PWC Today's forums range from "What's next, mini pontoons made into training wheels?" to "Next we will have mandatory seat belts."
    Even if they scoff at letting other boaters know they're slowing down, jet skiers still seem to think it's cool to be able to hit the brakes on their watercraft. Charles Plueddeman of tested the iS and walked away pretty impressed. The only drawback is that if you grab the brake without modulation, "you will get wet, as a wake of water washes over the cockpit as the bow dips on deceleration." Luckily, engaging the brake also limits the engine's RPM enough to keep the rider from doing a header over the bow.
    Video: YouTube/Ferry Marine

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    I think this is a really great idea, but I think $238.95 is a lot...

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    The brake lights-Not for nothing though this would be great for driving home at night while on the trailer!!
    If they are hard wired in and don't use alot of current draw then you dont even have to worry about draining you battery because most of us go home and flush the ski on the hose anyway...

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    This is a great idea by Sea Doo....

    I just hope they have some sort of brake light on the ski so people behind you will know your on the brakes.......

    BTW....this is a's just me pulling my reverse bucket.......not as efficient as the Sea Doo but gets the job done...!!

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