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    Upgrading from stock impeller to 14/21.5 skat, Washer ??

    After removing the stock impeller there isnt a washer between the impeller and pump! Is this a problem ? Do i need it with the 14/21.5 ?


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    Look in the original parts finder. Riva has one. In the past when people did'nt use a washer a lot of them would have an impeller that would not come off the shaft.

    I would use a washer if one is called out. Get the impeller set back if thats a problem

    Always use antiseize on the threads.

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    I posted a detailed reply on Riva - I would ask as a coutesy to everyone that the same question not be posted more than once - try one of the forums if you don't get a good response after a couple days then you might try the other

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