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    Parting out an 03 GPR and parts from an XLT in NY!

    Ok boys taking inquires on the following...
    looking to parting out my 03 GPR. All exterior work is done!! Ready to be a conversion boat!!!!!!! Everything must go!!
    I am keeping anything electrical though...This includes fuel injection, electrical box and throttle bodies.
    I am selling the engine with 110 hrs on it. Compression is 120/120/119
    Engine with full exhaust $2000
    Hull $1500 The hull has New of the following:
    Grab handle
    Handlebar cover
    Hydroturf mats. Hull will need to be picked up!
    Also for sale
    New R&D intake grate...75.00
    New rideplate 100.00
    Pumpshoe w/plug kit 100. never been siliconed so its clean
    If you want the hull with running gear 2500! It would then be minus electrical and engine/exhaust.. Underlying components will stay.
    Old style pump...make offers. Still has stock prop though nothing special in that dept...
    Metal trim tabs...$65.00

    I will also be looking to sell the following from my XLT
    A set of NOVI's in pristine condition!!! $1100
    Advent CDI...$450.00
    An electrical box with high voltage Seadoo coils, MSD wires, Kawai sparkplug boots....Looking for 250.00. Great upgrade to your 1200's!!!! or any carbed 1300's out there

    Please let me know if your interested. If most parts are spoken for in the next couple of days I can have everything apart and shipped with in a week!!

    Pics of the boat follow this link

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    pm sent on intake grate

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    Is the plate an R&D?

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    Guys just FYI like I said in the first post its an inquiry thread. If I can sell the big parts and make the money that I need then i will sell you guys the little stuff. I have people emailing pay pal inquiries and asking for my address. I Just want to be clear the major components need to be sold FIRST before I am willing to sell the smaller stuff. If the big stuff is not spoken for the skis are staying whole!
    I dont want to make 500 dollars on selling plate and covers and grate and now have two non running skis I hope everyone understands.
    Also when the engine, carbs, advent, electrical box, hull in some shape or form sells. I will sell all the smaller items.

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    Nothin' runs like a Deere IowanGPR's Avatar
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    totally understandable!

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    do u still have the motor for sale? i really just want the crankcase and shaft and the three cylinders w/ power valves

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    Sold the ski as a whole last Saturday sorry. It was a last ditch effort and someone got a great deal!!!

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