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    Two Polaris Sl750 Covers

    Hello all I have two used jetski covers for sale, $20.00 plus shipping.. These are in fare condition enough to keep the weather off your skis... Cya Slick

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    you have pm

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    Are these actual polaris covers, or generic?

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    I'D RATHER SWEAT THAN SHIVER hyoctane23's Avatar
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    Picture, please!!

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    these are stock polaris jetski covers. There just weathered and faded from the sun, I got new ones and dont need these anymore. The one pm I got about Canada shipping I guessing about $15.00 .. yes from what I remember there is one 3" tear in one of them but you have to remember thats why I am only asking $20.00... Cya Slick

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    Quote Originally Posted by hyoctane23 View Post
    Picture, please!!
    I am at work om my phone and I cant send picture..Cya Slick

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    I wanted to add one more thing these work well for some one that dont have covers, other wise there hiting the trash.. Cya Slick

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    pm sent.

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    Here is your pic's the biggest hole in these is at the nose of the cover.. Cya Slick

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    see these look just like the news ones I got and so that tells me these are OEM Polaris covers.. Cya Slick

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