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    You all make me feel old......

    Been follow a lot of post for a while now and see how far I have fell behind. I feel like the old guys I meet at the drag strip that talk about flat heads and pan somethings. I grew up building 440's into 474's and 550s with side drafts and dual pipes. I have a wall collection of sezed pistons from the dual pipes. They over scavanged one cylinder more than the other for a single carb. x'2, 750 into 550's we wanted first 40, then 50, and drooled overf a PJS cat. that had a radar picture of 60 mph. Had one of their early reed cylinders. Flew to cali to have a pump extrude honed. Had everything from a 900ZXI to ultra 150. Now, I read the post of turbos on up. No more can you go to the shop and hand build the parts needed to get 1 more MPH. I am trying to learn fuel mapping, for I am building ls1's and had a turbo truck. But just can't get a handle on the mapping thing. Ah, old I feel.

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    Don't feel bad! Back in 1995, I took an engineering job with a local company. One young whippersnapper gave me all kinds of grief because I wasn't proficient with personal computers. I told him that I lost interest in them in college while waiting in line to use the card punch machines.

    One day, several of us went to lunch together in my 1989 Suburban. On the way back, it just died about 2 blocks from the office. We walked the rest of the way to the office. After work, I walked to the Suburban and found that it didn't have spark. Took the cap off and wiped the carbon out and it started right up. The whippersnapper was amazed! He couldn't believe that I was actually able to fix it without calling a mechanic! He had no idea how engines worked or how to troubleshoot them.

    I told him that, not only could I fix the car, but I could land an airplane without seeing the runway, as well as a host of other skills. Operating a computer just wasn't one of them.

    Moving ahead 14 years, I'm sitting at a bank of 4 computers that I built myself. I've got 6 Handheld PCs laying on my desk, a netbook on the bed, a couple of printers, etc.

    I don't know anything about fuel mapping, but I'm sure I could learn. Bet you can, too!

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    Back in the day I challenged my grandpa. Told him he was too old to spank me.

    That old fart snatched a branch and whooped the shit out of me. He said the only thing he was too old for was putting up with my shit.

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