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    Car help-2003 Mustang

    I have a 2003 Mustang GT that just died on me yesterday (just hit 100K). It was running fine, until I stopped to get something at the store. When I started it back up, it was running really rough, like on 5-6 cylinders instead of 8. It then died completely and would not restart. It turns over fine and seems to be getting spark. It seems like it is not getting fuel and the tank is full. Any thoughts from those who are mechanically inclined? I'm thinking fuel pump.

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    Is the check engine light on? If so run to Autozone and get the codes read for free. That narrows down a lot of guessing.

    My 2000 Mustang GT started misfiring a couple times, all due to a wet connection. It road like SHIT until the connection was dry. This was all figured out after a misfire on cylinder 2, a lot of swearing, a tune up, etc.

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    if you think it is the fuel pump run down to advanced and get a fuel pressure gauge and check how many psi are making it to the fuel rail. should only cost you like 10 bucks for the guage. not sure how many psi thats supposed to be pushing though

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    No check engine light. I also looked at the emergency fuel stop button in the trunk and it was pushed all the way down, so that isn't it. The only reason I'm thinking fuel pump is because my wife had a 2000 Mustang that had similar symptoms and that was the issue. Although, her's was the V-6. Since I bought this used about a year ago with 80K miles, I don't know the history. Does anyone know what the symptoms of a timing chain issue are?

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    i know what the problem is-

    its a ford

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    I think your on the right track with the fuel pump. Like stated about get a fuel pressure gauge and see what it reads. ALSO, make sure u prime the pump a couple times (turning key to run and off back and fourth a couple times) reason being is because the pump usually only runs for about 2-3 seconds when the key is turned to run and will not build to much pressure. It should read at least 30-40 psi after priming a couple times.

    It it doesn't read any pressure, let us know and well tell you how to check if its a electrical problem.

    Also, i have alldatapro i could email you a schematic.

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    When's the last time you changed the fuel filter? Modular engines are very sensitive to this. Also check the COPs (coil on plugs). They are notorious for crapping out. There's a device called a "flyswatter" you can use to test the COPs while the engine is running.

    Regarding the fuel pump, you should be able to hear it when you cycle the key to the "on" position. If not, check the reset and check the fuses.

    There's also an issue with the "Y" coming off the pickup tube becoming detached from the pump (in the tank). If the pump is running but your pressure is low, check this one out.

    Also check the IAC valve near the throttle body. If it sticks, it will not allow air to bypass the throttle blade.

    There's a dozen other possibilities, but this should give you a start. By the way, many of these things will not throw a code.

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    It turns out that it was the fuel pump. The same thing happened on a 2000 Mustang my wife had. They must program these things to have the fuel pumps crap out at 100K. Thanks for the input.

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