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    rxt rd powershot

    can anyone help what settings setup rdc5 rdairfilter rdstufergrate xscooler stexuast 14/19 8240revs

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    that 14/19 isn't enough prop for your setup! I'm not sure on the rxt (maybe a 13/21 or 14/20?) but an rxp would use a 15/20 or up with your setup. I run the powershot & found that the factory settings work well but I add fuel to the WOT setting. Factory is set to 2.5 I believe on the WOT setting. I have mine set to 6 or 7 depending on the water/air temp. Be warned, the WOT settings above 6 will suck up the fuel! If you have a catch can pay attention to it when messing with the WOT settings. If it fills up more than a 1/8" after 1 ride you're set too high & wasting fuel. Or, get an AFR gauge to be accurate.

    You need to get your rpms down before you can get an accurate setting. Nozzle down to an 81mm ring or get another/tweak prop.

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