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    Any Difference Between GSX Ltd or XP Ltd Throttle Cable

    I might need a new cable on my GSX LTD is there any difference in the XP LTD 99 cable its $140 cheaper over the GSX cable but there both 951 motors and set up.

    What the issue is i can t get the ski to idle it REVS its tits off.

    When i am in the water its idleing around 2100rpms after about 30 - 45sec it drops off and stalls so then i have to adjust the idel screw to get it to idle correctly but as soon as you touch the throttle again it revs back up to 2100rpms +++ then drops of to where you set the idle so when your wave jumping and you release the throttle off a wave the ski is still revving not good when you land the pump is loading.

    Make it even worse i can t flush the ski with the ski revving 3000rpm plus and at time it just keep climbing and i need to use the choke to kill it at time its caught me off gaurd and revved like mad pulled the landyard and kept going thank god for a choke cable keep in mind idle screw can be totally off and still happens.

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    are you sure its not just running real lean? is the cable stiff or smooth when giving it throttle?

    i had a similar problem and i was running way to lean. and if you want a real cheap cable, go to a bikcylce shop and have them make you one for $15. i did that but i had to getto rig it with a bolt and nut on the carbs cause they didnt have the right size end peice. works great. makes it way more adjustable too. just take your old cable to them and have them match it as close as they can. but i still think your way lean.

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    the fact that it continued to run after you pulled off the lanyard, shows it was running lean and the plugs were hot enought to keep it running with the ignition killed. you could pull off the spark plugs wires and it would still run. two choices to kill the motor. pull choke and riched the mixure, or turn off fuel and wait till it to run dry. you need to find out why its running lean... could be a cogged fuel filter in carb, the pulse hose off the crankcase that goes to the carb could be cracked, oil line off and its pulling air thru the oil injection port? fault carb gasket? but the throttle cable would NEVER cause it to run with the lanyard detached.

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