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    need some help with engine problem

    guys been trying to figure out what the problem with my engine , pistons seems to be running fine there is spark and fuel but cant get it to fire up , ive checked my charger and the wheel is turning but just say my charger shit it self shouldnt it still fire up, any info will be great help guys before i start pulling things apart

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    When did the ski stop runnning/starting? Pull the valve cover to check and see if the timing chain is intact.

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    Have you checked the compression? It should be around 125 psi... Ron

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    the compression is right nothing wrong, the ski just died whem i was riding and wouldnt start again thought i had matbe injetsted water but there was no water the oil change the sparks and still the same problem , i am also thiniking timming chain but have to wait till after the weekend to get some tools , but even if the timing chain is off or snapped shouldt it fire up ?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by josh_m View Post
    ...even if the timing chain is off or snapped shouldn't it fire up ?????
    Don't think so.

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    if the timing chain is off no it wont start at alll...

    if its turning could it be electrical?

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    remove the head cover and see if is every thing ok, may have broken valve or rocker arm, also remove the fuel line from the rail will split fuel w/ the key on..what model of your ski?

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    If the compression is good then you don't have cam chain or valve problems. No need to look there. Check for fire and fuel.

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    He never said which ski was in trouble, which engine it has, what the compression was or how he tested it. All he said was that his SC was turning, which is bad to begin with. Josh, you need to provide additional information... Ron

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