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    RXPX Trim-Please help

    My RXPX trim gauge has gone crazy. The bar moves up and down randomly without me touching the button Any ideas??

    Also should there be only one anode in the pump or two? I don't think that this has anything to do with this but I only see one to the right side of the pump while the one on the left is missing. Any help appreciated

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    Possible water intrusion into the trim unit or the switch. Can you feel the ski change trim while this is happening? As far as the anode goes, I think there's one mounted to the pump and one to the ride plate. Not sure though and I'm at work so I can't look.

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    Only 1 sacrificial zinc anode, on top and right side of the ride-plate

    Open the VTS control unit (small black box at the rear inside hull above the tunnel and under the spot where bailer hoses join)
    Check for water trapped in or corroded circuits

    Good luck

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    I have 2 anodes 04 rxp. I would say that you prob got water intrusion somwhere. Does it do this on the trailer?? If so is the nozzle moving with the gauge or is the gauge just goin mad?? R88

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    2 anodes 05 rxp had it apart yesterday

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