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    Ultra 250x Covers

    Hey guys,

    These folks up here are selling the covers for for some insane amounts. Any one know where I can buy a blue one for not too expensive? Or is ebay a good guide line?

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    i just bought one from overtons for the 250 it is a covermate it works ok but i dont think i would tow at high speeds with it on it was $119.00.still alot cheaper than the oe kawi+5 year warranty

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    i'd be careful with the cheap blue covers. i have one for my seapoo and it really is bad for trailering. rubs everywhere. the vacuum covers are much better. my yamaha cover does great and requires nothing to pull at 70mph. my kawi vacuum cover does ok but chaffs the ends of the grips. i have to put socks over the grips. still alot better than the generic blue cover i've got.

    i agree though, the price is insane.

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