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    1997 Yamaha gp1200 cracked hull

    Can you take a look at this picture and tell me how I can repair it. I just got a great deal on this waverunner. I didn't notice before I bought it that there is a crack in the hull and the awesome seller didn't point it out. When I called him back he blamed it on my and said as is. Anyway I don't know if it leaks or even if it needs to be repaired. Can you guys take a look at the picture and let me know what you think? If it needs to be repaired give me some hints on how to do it.

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    That doesn't look like a big deal .. you can probably access it from the back by cutting some foam out and get some repair material on the back side for now ( if not I wouldn't worry about it ), to fix it right you would need a little grinding , filling ,,paint and a new decal , but I would just ride it for now

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    Does the crack extend up towards the bumper? I had a crack on my 98 GP but it was on the side under the seat. I put white marine silicone & a sticker over it & that was it. If I were you, call the seller back VERY NICELY, tell him you are NOT mad at him & that you will hold no grudge against him, tell him that you want him to be honest with you because you want to fix it & that all he has to tell you is how the crack occured. Tell him that you want to know how the crack happened so you can figure out what's the best option for the ski.

    • Was it hit by another ski dead on in the center?
    • Did the crack grow over time?
    • Was he told by a professional to get rid of the ski?
    Remember, try to convince him that you are not mad at him to se if he spills his guts to you. Hell, I know you are probably so pissed right now but you need to figure out if you should fix it or get rid of it. This may be the best way. GOOD LUCK!

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    my question is it also on the other side ????
    it's possibly a stress crack from being strapped to tight onto a trailer

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