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    Sea doo XP limited backfiring out the exhaust

    I have a 1999 Sea doo XP limited w 947 engine
    backfiring out the exhaust when I crank it
    and won't start
    carbs were gunked up with old gas so both were rebuilt, accelerator pumps cleaned & tested, fuel system cleaned, fresh fuel, etc...
    compression is good, crank/pistons seems to be in line, etc...
    currently checking the mag side flywheel key
    also pondering an air leak in the engine

    Any others had this problem or something similar


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    when the carbs were off something could of gotten stuck inside the reed cage area or a reed is broken. Simple, take the carbs back off & reeds out & check.


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    While the carbs are off and your checking the reads make sure the Needle and seats are set right. I have forgotten to check and had a carb dumping fuel. It gets into the pipe and gets ignited.

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