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    Compatible Trim Modules for 98 XPL

    Trying to work out if I can use other trim modules for a 98 XPL as they all look the same . They all seem to come with the same pin connectors Here is the list from parker Yamaha. Has anybody done this or they just don't work ???

    Part Number Fits Model:Old pn
    new pn is

    GSI 1997
    GSX 1997
    GSX Ltd. 1998-1999
    GSX RFI 1999-00
    RX 2001
    RX DI 2000-2003
    RX Ltd. 2000-2001
    RXP 2004-2005
    XP 1997-98
    XP Ltd. 1999

    278-001-613XP 1995 720cc
    SPX 1996

    278-001-612GSX 1996

    278-001-599SPX 1997/1998
    XP800 1995-96

    278-001-606XP 2000-05

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    There are only two different types. They had one with three plugs (two, three and three wires) and one with two plugs (two and six wires). As far as I can see, they are the same but for the plugs.

    I have never known it to matter between two of the same plug type and I am about to see if you can change the plugs and use a three where a two goes. The wires are (I believe) the same colors.

    SD changed part numbers on a regular basis. Even if the part is basicaly the same.

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