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    gp1300r water in hull

    hey guys, have a gp1300 which is taking on water, nailed it down to exhaust near cat-con where i found some broken bolts. put it back together only to find water still entering hull at a rate of knots. pulled out water tank cannot see any obvious cracks in pump tunnel. when riding with seat off cant quite see wherer water is coming from, any suggestions,. Thanks

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    Did youcheck the bilge lines?

    o71300 gpr
    r&d rideplate(is. racing mod 1)
    riva 1200 top loader intake
    riva pump stuffer
    riva ff exhaust
    leos holeshot(no stern holes)
    lubri bond -a
    skat trak 13/19 r swirl
    half stock half beast

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    check this

    U must have taken the pipe off, Check your couplers.

    also dot go ride in open water until you test it static in the water. IE on the trailer with the seat off and then start looking. Other wise u could have a "yamabouey" not a cool feeling..

    which bolts broke? did you figure out why?

    don't jam the pipe back in , take the time to loosen everything
    couplers and water box. If it is more like a wrestling match then a ballet then something is not right. Finesse is the key.

    Don't ever drop or bang on the pipe because it w ill fracture and surprise you if it was.

    If you get in a rush you will forget something. Wrenching is not racing, you get it wrong even a little wrong you will pay on some level.

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