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    3rd Annual Operation Helping Hero's Freedom Ride

    The Eastern Pa River Runners, a local charter club of The American Watercraft Association, is proud to team with The Family and Friends for Freedom Fund, to raise money for this wonderful organization that aids in the recovery of our combat wounded Marines, and servicemen and women from other branches of the armed forces recovering at both Bethesda Naval Hospital and Walter Reed Medical Center.

    The 3rd Annual Operation Helping Hero’s Freedom Ride will commence with the hopes and dreams of America’s hero’s riding with us. We will set out on a journey approximately 500 miles round trip on a personal watercraft.

    The journey will take the following route:

    • First Day at Sunrise-Friday, July 17: Depart from Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis, MD and down the Chesapeake Bay to Cape Charles, VA.
    • Morning of the Second Day-Saturday, July 18: Continue north exploring various bays and the Atlantic Ocean to Ocean City, MD for a lay-over that night.
    • Morning of Third Day-Sunday, July 19: The River Runners continue north into the Delaware Bay and the Delaware River to St. Georges, DE for a final lay-over.
    • Early morning of Final Day-Monday, July 20: The group will depart and head towards the C&D Canal and the Chesapeake Bay back to Sandy Point State Park completing what is known as the Delmarva Loop.
    If you and your family believe and are thankful for the freedom we have, then help those who have fought and suffered to bring us that freedom, as well as dedicating their lives to trying to free other countries. Do your part in whatever way you can to help The Family and Friends for Freedom Fund. Assist the fine servicemen and women who have fought so bravely for your right to live in the home of the FREE and the BRAVE.

    For more information on the ride or how you can help, please contact the Eastern PA River Runners at or The Family and Friends for Freedom Fund at If you would like to donate to this worthy cause please go to
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