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    GP1200R Intake Grate question

    I've seen some people post that they are using a stock intake grate from a GP800R over an aftermarket one. Why is this a better option? If this is a better option, then would a grate from a 98 800R fit a 00' 1200R ME?

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    No a 98 "800" grate wont fit on your 2000 GPR. The reason for everyone using after market intake grates is the stock grates are known to fail and break. If they do break you can get yourself injured. The "800" grate you are talking it a certain grate for a 2000-2008 GPR. I would suggest you look at purchasing a R&D 1200 grate or a Riva Top Loader.

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    The "800" grate everyone is reffereing to is the R&D "800" grate. It has a less agressive scoop than the 1200 version and allows for more top end speed. It does have quality issues and breaks or cracks easily.

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    They 800 grate cavatates on holeshot aswell. Its really just a top speed thing.

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