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    48cc dome on 1300 head = ? compression

    I have the riva pro heads and was wondering what compression 48cc domes would bring. Anyone know? also does anyone know of any cons to running these heads? i don't have them on yet i was just curious as to what everyone else thinks. thanks!

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    On a GP1300R, 48cc domes (including OEM gasket volume) should produce 145-150psi compression at sea level.

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    thanks for the info!! is there any performance increase to say a 160 or 170 psi head?

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    170 psi is pushing the pump gas envelope...not recommended IMO

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    The new R&D heads I bought say 45cc and they are supposed to be 150???

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    R&d and Riva's heads are both 45cc, but Riva calls them 48cc, because that is what they are with the head gasket volume added to the actual 45cc heads.
    R&D's are 48cc as well when you stick the head gasket on.

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    is there any performance increase in going to a 160- or 170-psi or greater head? i realize fuel octane will need to be increased in proportion. i'm just wondering if there are any hp benefits going higher than 150-psi.

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