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    F12X With new motor getting F1 Codes?

    A friend of mine just had a new engine installed in his 2006 F12X under warranty, and after 5 hours of riding over the last couple of weekends, he keeps coding an 'F1' which I am told is a fuel injection code? His ski never did this before, and every 5 minutes of riding (no matter what rpm, or speed) that beep goes off, and he has to stop and detach the lanyard, and go again... It seems to not do it as bad when running wide open, and this ski is totally stock. I have an 2005 F12X, and we have swapped map sensors, checked all the plugins, and all seems to be in order, but no matter what we do, the code still comes back. I have a Jim's Alpha kit on mine for a year now, and average about 6300 rpm before mine will code out... my friends is barely getting about 5800 tops. Any ideas on why his might be acting up? We can always take it to the dealer here, but it takes FOREVER for them to get anything done! Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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    Use the search feature on here to find the page we have posted in the past that shows how to pull/read the codes. Post what code it tells you and we'll try to make some suggestions.

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    Honda FI Code

    You need to bring it back to your dealer and have them check the code. I rebuilt my engine and had an FI code on it first trip out. It turned out to be a bad Knock Sensor. We replaced it and everything was fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbaquaman View Post
    You need to bring it back to your dealer and have them check the code.
    You can bring it back to the dealer if you want them to solve and fix it which you said took them too long but you don't have to in order to pull the codes yourself just to see what it is. Just do what Jr said and it's easy. You won't screw anything up or tamper with your warranty but if you do end up taking it back, you'll know if the dealer is pulling your chain or not.

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