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    Electrical box question

    Can I put in a 657 or even a 717 into a 95 SP??? Is the electrical box the same on the SPX and the SP??

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    well, there is a 657 and a 657x motor. 2 different motors. i *think* that the 657x and 717 have the same electrical. someone want to confirm? a 657 electrical box is a 657 electrical box. look at the motor in the ski you want to put the box into. at the rear of the motor and top of the case is a sticker. does it say 657 or 657x?

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    Well thats the thing, it came with a 587 that needs a crank, just wondering if I would need all new electrical if I were to decide to put in a larger engine.

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    if it came with a 587 then you cant use any of your electrical. you would probably have to reprop too. if you are interested i have about everything you need to put a 657 in there. i can ship one big package deal to you cheap. let me know.

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    u have a pm

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    Def might be interested if the price is right. I dont want to spend the money to put the 580 back in there only to be pissed off, so pm me a price.

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