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    RXT-X Barber poles and is slow to indicate

    i had asked this question in another thread but didn't get a clear's what's going on 2008 RXT-X not even a year old and 25 hours on her as of yesterday. yesterday before heading out i fired my ski up on the hose and had no problems. but as soon as i got it to the lake and put it in the water it took me about five minutes to get it started. i'll put the key on the post and it'll beep like usual but when i hit the start button it will click once. so i checked all connections for security and corrosion...still the same click after about a few minuted of playing with it it finally kicked over.... but throughout the day it seemed to get better, by the end of the day it was only taking two or three bumps on the start button to kick over...could this be a starter or switch issue? checked the battery and it load tested good. hopefully a few of you seasoned veterans can shed some light on this. thanks for the help TEX-X

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    It sure sounds like a faulty starter solenoid. You might get the dealer to change it while the ski is on warranty. The only way to test it is to jump the heavy cables with a screw driver - if the engine cranks that way, it's the solenoid... Ron

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    My RXP will do that if I dont have good conection on Dess. Its weird cause you will still get the beeps but it will only click. If I secure the dess on the post better then it starts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King_Of_Fun View Post
    It sure sounds like a faulty starter solenoid.
    Starter solenoid and the dealer should replace it under warranty!!!

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    Thanks for the help guys... and i guess the next thing on the list are washers for the supercharger

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