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    Noobie Draining Intercooler/Exhaust Manifold Question

    I just found in the "Trailering, Storage, and Preseason Preparation" section of my '08 RXT manual that it mentions using the flushing connector with pressured air to drain the Intercooler and Exhaust Manifold. Am I understanding the manual correctly? Is this something that should only be done when the ski is to be stored for long periods of time (longer than a week)? Or is this something I should be doing after each use (assuming the ski will be sitting for a couple days)? I have not done this once yet, could this have already caused damage?

    Thanks for any advice. My engineering degree is in Computers...Lately I'm wishing I had gone for that double major in Mechanical Engineering.


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    Its only needed when the temperature is below or at freezing. Otherwise it doesnt need to be done. I just got mine. Its so easy anyways.

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    Yes, just do it when you are winterizing the ski. After the water is out of the IC, a blip of the throttle will get most of the water out of the exhaust... Ron

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