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    2008 gti performance parts?

    are there any out there?

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    Pump Wedge

    Stick in a Riva pump wedge and free the beast within!!

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    Not really any performance parts available. You can do some exhaust work and intake mods. They do make aftermarket intake grates. Try a wedge as well.

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    A lot of time, money and work for maybe 3-4 MPH. You're much better off selling it and getting a performance craft.

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    Most of the upgrades are for the hull, rideplate, intake grate, air intake; and very few for the engine - unless you go turbo for $6-k... Ron

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    you can put the mods i haver below.... also opas block offs, catch can/oil breather, sponsons, take out you resonator will also help. thats about it

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