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    Rebuild crankshaft SL1050

    Hi guys...
    I am currently rebuilding my engine for my SL1050, and have just disassembled the entire engine.
    I can see that I need new ball bearings on the crankshaft, and I also found a crankshaft rebuild kit on the internet, but can I rebuild the crankshaft myself, or do I have to take it to a mecanical shop ?

    Thanks for your help...

    Best regards,
    Jesper from Denmark

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    there a guy in greenbay wi. in a crank shaft shop i cant remember but sumbody will chime in , he qouted me 325 $ shipped to re-do mine better get in line he gets booked up quick ,

    i would say do everything but the crank shaft and cly bore and hone , even in the polaris manuel we have avaible to us on line guides that crank shafts should be sent off to qualified shops so i would say not your average joe can do it ,

    the sharps family is a good choice as well

    hope this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by 97sltx1050 View Post
    there a guy in greenbay wi. in a crank shaft shop i cant remember but somebody will chime in...
    I think this may be the fellow you are thinking of;

    Midwest Crankshaft
    Call Jeff at 1-920-434-3630

    More Repair Services info here

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