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    New at&t cingular tilt gsm 3g mobile phone htc 8925

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    If the link doesnt work search Item number:260390207007

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    Nice phone!

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    nice jack russel terrorists

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    grr.. had to relist. Someone clicked buy it now and didnt pay. Fawker.

    if anyone is interested, talk to me.

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    I just wanted to add, I have this phone and I love it. The possibilities are endless. I have free GPS (no data needed) since im emulating Garmin, I have emulated Super Nintendo on it and kickass at donkey kong. Texting is amazingly fast unlike an iphone since it has a nice keyboard, best Ive ever seen on any phone. HTC is the best!

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    yeah. It looks like a cool phone. She sold it to buy an iphone. I dunno. I never used it.

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