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    removing 2nd muffler on 12F/15F

    Ok, so I'm riggin up a 2nd muffler bypass similar to what some of you have done...

    -I got my 2nd muffler out of the cave, but it wont come out of the bucket opening... even w/ the rubber trim removed. The it's barely too big... Did you guys have to grind the opening a little larger to get the muffler can out? This overall is a real PITA mod...

    -I actually removed the black rubber hose from the first muffler and the tail pipe... and replacing them w/ silicone and stainless piping. I measured 2.25" I.D. on the exhuast hoses... this fits perfect, but some of you state 2.5" tubes.... Are you sure? How did you get 2.5" hoses/pipes to fit??

    Anyway, I'm almost there... hopefully this will be a nice mod.. w/ a little gain. Overall I just want it to sound better... and make it more fun to ride. I'm testing this setup on my 12F first.. and if all goes well, I'm gonna do it to my 15F.

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    the 2nd waterbox has spotwelds all around it and those got caught on the hull on mine. So try rotating it around the spotwelds if thats what is catching

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    Mine was the same way, just wiggle it and turn it, basically just move the thing around until you find a smaller side and yank it out. DONT FORGET TO PUT THE SEAL BACK ON FOR THE BUCKET


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    I too said there was no way that thing was coming out, but it does take it slow and be patient it will pop out...

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