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    polaris diagnostic software

    Hello im looking for polaris diagnostic equipment Thanks Al

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    Have you worked through the diagnostics in the 2002 Polaris Service Manual?

    If the injector voltage feed is not stable (over 20 volts DC, with all injectors plugged in) during cranking, then either the stator or the EMM is likely to be the problem. It could be something else, like the capacitor, but less likely.

    At the moment, the Polaris diagnostic software is not generally available, other than through Polaris dealers.

    Have you checked the stator coil ohm readings, per the service manual?

    Try unplugging one injector - does it start?

    With all three injectors connected, unplug the TPS - does it start?

    Is the ohm reading of the CPS sensor within spec (under 200 ohms)?

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    Give Randy at a call.. He can help.. 1-360-692-3492

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    Diagnostic software

    I have no more access for software resale!! You can shim me the ECU, and I can pull the trouble codes for diagnosis.. $75.00


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    Randy's the man when it comes to polaris watercraft.

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