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Thread: 97 sl 1050

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    97 sl 1050

    hey guys, just wondering if anyone has any performance mods advice for my 97 sl 1050 i just ordered a set of v-force, and am looking for some other ideas!

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    Hi romes,Welcome to Green Hulk !
    What performance are you looking for? top speed/take off/turning

    I like my 97 the way it is,good all around. All though I have made a few minor changes,more of a preference issue.
    I do have a R&D (650 model) intake grate,really helps with slightly rougher water.

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    i am looking for speed, but its also nice to have the midrange too! i know that its one or the other but sometimes there are ways to cheet a bit right!!

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    I have a set of 92 octane domes i'd probably sell. If you're interested pm me.

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    ok, i have tonns of polaris 750, 1050, 1200 parts if anyone needs anything!

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    what kinda price are you looking to get for thoes heads?

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    do the 97s have the 38 mm carbs if so upgrade it to the 40 mm that later 1200's ran stock , also it prolly wouldnt hurt to buy a old intake manifold and have it sent off to be ported , 15 $ plus 60 or so , water box , jetworks valve for the stinger ,

    what kinda water do you run in ? i wonder if a 6 vein pump would help . does this ski have trim if not prolly a wedge increase would help ,

    but uhh i think a friend still has a set of pro 1200 pipes for cheap

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    watch out doing mods with only the stock carbs that have no high end screw,then every mod you do you gotta change main jets,try it, then back again.if you are going to mod your 1050 ,first get some decent carbs on it that have a high speed adjustment, then gfor every little change you make youre not playing jetting game(ok you still gotta change jets for triple pipes or exhaust/big intake mods ,but for reeds only you are ok>Marvin

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