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    Cylinder head temp gauge??

    Anyone tried to instal a cylinder head temp gauge on their ski? I was wondering if there was anyway to monitor cylinder temperatures to give you a heads up if there is a lean condition. If so what gauge did you use and how does it read the temp of the head(sensor)?

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    You're asking about 2 different gauges.

    A temp. gauge can and has been used to monitor head temps. Zman has one installed on his. Randy at sells temp strips (stickers) that are put on the heads that indicates temperature.

    As for monitoring lean conditions, there are exhaust gas analyzers for that. They are tapped into the exhaust manifold. Beerdart has used that on his SLT 785 project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rustyrider View Post
    ...give you a heads up if there is a lean condition...
    Best defense against lean burn engine damage seems to be keeping the fuel system and carbs well maintained.

    Checking piston wash every so often through the spark plug hole is the cheapest 'check'.

    And keeping track of peak sustained RPM at WOT, and watching for unexpected changes (up or down).

    The engine water temperature doesn't change enough to give a clear indication of cylinder internal temperatures.

    Exhaust temperatures, near the engine ports, do provide a clearer indication, but installing and using an EGT probe on a regular basis seems like a lot of effort.

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    I have a water temp gauge installed on my pro 785. it going to tell me when my piston is about to blow...probably not, but I think it kind of helps you get a feel for your engines normal operation.

    for gauge is steady all the time, but I can tell the second the inlet screen on the pump gets clogged with weeds, because I see the temp go up a bit...I clear the screen out, she cools back down.

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