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Thread: Damn Seadoo

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    Damn Seadoo

    OK I know this isnt the correct forum, but Im not a member of the 4-tec forums. Maybe somone can post this question there or answer it here for me please.

    Im working on a seadoo SP 95 with a 500 somthin motor im told. On one of the two skis im workin on I hit the start button and nothing happens for about a second or two, then the starter starts kicking in but not much then a second later it kicks in good to start the motor..

    1. bad switch?

    2. bad solenoid?

    3. bad starter??? I got to get this thing fixed!!


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    answer your phone and I'd tell you, hahahaha. I just called you, its 11:30 pm. Guess I'll try you tomorrow.

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    sounds like bad ground or bum starter

    later cd

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    sound like a dodooo

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    Quote Originally Posted by bill cosca
    sound like a dodooo
    Yes it does...

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    possible bad
    same syptoms I had on a 1996 SPX.......had a weak solonoid....
    the heat from the current can fry them.......

    I know you probably already have, but check all the cables to>from the starter too. And the wires on the solonoid itself.

    works like an old-skool Ford Starter Relay

    Possible weak starter too.

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    I have had two seadoos that did that. New starter fixed it. If you want solinoid (spelling), If Got a used one that is good. You pay shipping I' send it to you. they are like 29 or 39 dollars new I think. Nope just looked $44.36 each. any how $10 bucks I send it.if that sounds fair I don't know what it will cost to ship. if you KNOW send it and I'l ship. cool man. [email protected]

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    regative cable
    conect a junper cable from the batt to the motor and see if still do these
    seadoo cables build up on the inside
    same starters do these simtoms to

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