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    580 91 580 Yellow Engine Rebuild - Crank Seal Question

    One of my friends just installed a used crank in his 1991 XP.

    The bad part is the he had an "optional part" left over after the motor was in and running.

    He forgot to put in the big washer that goes behind the rear crank seal that is used to hold it in place. Instead, he put the lip of the seal into the groove that was meant for the big washer.

    He has ran in for a couple of hours so far.... not one problem. Now, is it necessary to pull the engine and split the cases to put that retainer washer in, or run it as is????

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    Necessary? Maybe not... Suggested? Absolutely... Seadoo lists it as a "retaining shim" on the parts list. Logic suggests that it would assist in the retention of said seal. While he may put 600+ hours with no problem, he might only get 6 before the seal works out. I would rather spend the weekend splitting cases doing some "preventive maintenance" than a motor swap.

    Have him buy you a case of beer, and help a brother out...

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